CARFAC/RAAV conclude negotiations with the National Gallery of Canada for scale agreement renewal

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Ottawa, Ontario, March 14, 2018 –

Canadian Artists’ Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) and the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV) are pleased to announce that they have concluded negotiations with the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) on March 14th.

CARFAC and RAAV are certified under the federal Status of the Artist Act to negotiate scale agreements on behalf of visual and media artists with federal institutions such as the NGC. We negotiated a three-year agreement in 2015, and we have reached a new tentative agreement for the next four years. The agreement covers terms and conditions for the exhibition and reproduction of works of art, as well as the provision of professional services by living Canadian artists.

Members of CARFAC, RAAV and the National Gallery of Canada’s negotiation teams

This tentative agreement was reached following five days of intense negotiations in Ottawa. Parties will recommend approval of this agreement to the NGC’s Board of Trustees and to CARFAC/RAAV’s membership. Details about the agreement and how to participate in the ratification vote will be available shortly.

Co-Chairs of the CARFAC/RAAV Negotiation team, Karl Beveridge and Pierre Tessier observed that the negotiation process was both open and creative to some of the problems that existed in the agreement, and will be of benefit to artists and the National Gallery of Canada.

Visual Artists disappointed with Federal Budget 2017

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Ottawa, Wednesday March 22, 2017 – The national association of visual artists (CARFAC) is deeply disappointed that the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) was not included in Canada’s 2017 Federal Budget.

CARFAC has been actively advocating for the implementation of the ARR in the Canadian Copyright Act since 2011. In 2016, it was the central focus of our Pre-budget consultation presentation, and the Canadian Arts Coalition supported our efforts by including the ARR in their Pre-budget recommendations.

CARFAC was pleased when the Standing Committee on Finance subsequently recommended “that the Government of Canada amend the Income Tax Act and the Copyright Act in order to provide for artists’ resale rights in Canada.” It is, therefore, a great disappointment not to see it in today’s Budget announcement.

“We’ve received support for the Resale Right from countless Members of Parliament, and took it as a sign that the Finance Committee also embraced this important economic right for visual artists. Artists have been waiting a long time for Canada to legislate the ARR, and this was a huge missed opportunity to provide support for artists, at no ongoing cost to the federal government,” said CARFAC National President Susan Tooke.

The ARR entitles visual artists to receive payment each time their work is resold publicly through an auction house or a commercial gallery. We recommend that 5% of all future public sales of artwork be paid back to the artist. The ARR exists in more than 93 other countries in the world including all countries in the European Union. The fact that Canada does not recognize the ARR is considered a trade barrier for Canada on the international art market.  The EU has asked Canada to implement an ARR in our trade discussions, and world-wide implementation is also currently being pushed as a priority by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


For more information contact

April Britski
Executive Director
CARFAC National

For media inquiries outside business hours call: 604-446-4514

CARFAC Supports LGBTT2Q Community in Campaign Against Jordan Peterson at the National Gallery of Canada

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OTTAWA- March 9 2017- Trans, two spirit, intersex and gender diverse folk, and LGBTT2Q advocates across Canada have asked that the National Gallery of Canada cancel an upcoming public speaking engagement featuring Prof. Jordan Peterson. Queer, trans, two spirit, intersex and gender diverse folk and allies regard Peterson’s consistent, public invalidation of trans identities as transphobic. Following their lead, Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC National) is now urging the National Gallery of Canada, to reconsider their position and to revoke Prof. Peterson’s invitation to speak at the gallery on Thursday March 9th.

CARFAC National is the voice for visual artists in Canada and the official bargaining unit for artists working at the National Gallery of Canada under the Status of the Artist Act. We stand as an advocate for all artists, including LGBTT2Q artists and we believe that artists’ rights and human rights intersect. Inviting Prof. Peterson into our National Public Gallery has the potential to render the gallery an unsafe workplace for our members. While the subject of Mr. Peterson’s talk is not publicized to be on transgender rights, giving him a public platform carries with it his very public views on these issues.

Under these circumstances, to protect the interests of patrons and artists alike, the National Gallery of Canada should listen to these serious concerns and cancel Mr. Peterson’s speaking engagement.

For more information contact:
Darrah Teitel, Director of National Advocacy and Communications


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