What people are saying about the Artist’s Resale Right

Canadian Collectors and Art Dealers
“Auction houses have been profiting from the works of great Canadian artists without giving anything back for far too long. Canada must do more to protect its artists — granting artists resale rights is the first step on a long road.”
– Gordon Gothreau, Ritchies auction house

“We have been collecting art for 50 years and have always taken a particular interest in the careers of younger Canadian artists we acquire. We have donated hundreds of works of these younger Canadian artists to the National Gallery of Canada, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Carleton University Art Gallery and the Ottawa Art Gallery, but it’s not enough to sustain their careers. The artists need to benefit more directly, and bringing the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada for when we buy or sell their work is essential to sustain our artists in Canada.”
– Glenn and Barbara McInnes, Ottawa

“As long as the Artist’s Resale Right is applied fairly, I would support it. A royalty paid to the artist on the resale of their work would not be a burden. It’s important that the paperwork in handling it, should be straight-forward and not too time consuming. If this concern is dealt with, it would be helpful to bringing in the Resale Right. A healthy art economy is good for dealers and artists alike.”
– Darrell Bell, Darrell Bell Gallery, Saskatoon, Member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada

“At Cube Gallery, we are committed to honouring the original artist through resale rights and feel that all galleries and dealers should as well. Not only do I support putting the Artist’s Resale Right in law, but Cube already pays the Artist’s Resale Right. We have paid an artist percentage since we began operation nine years ago, both from our own collections and at our yearly secondary sales shows. For me, it needs no debate — It’s just the right thing to do.”
– Don Monet, Cube Gallery, Ottawa

“I am definitely in support of the ARR – it makes perfect sense – and truly, I cannot see it having a serious impact on income for an art dealer or auction house. It is the right and ethical thing to do – after all – without the artist, the dealer or auction house simply has no – well, I hesitate to say product – but there it is. Without artists’ to make the work, dealers & auction houses have nothing to sell.”
– Y.M.Whelan, yumart, Toronto

“I’ve had an ongoing interest in the development of a strong art market, particularly here in the north and that can only happen when all the parties involved benefit from the appreciating value of a work of art.”
– Joan Ferneyhough, Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON

“I am very supportive of ARR. It is only reasonable that artists should have a share in their own success. As a commercial gallery in Hamilton I have had few dealings in the secondary market, but it is a sector that will only grow.”
– David Brace, b contemporary fine art, Hamilton

“The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre will soon be putting some artwork that we own on eBay as a fundraiser. We have decided to give 5%of the sales to each of the artists because we not only believe that this is a small but important way to acknowledge the contribution of the artists to our collective cultural experience, but here in the north, the establishment the artist’s resale right would be a tremendous boon to the survival of our northern artistic heritage. We believe it would also be a great help confirming to our younger artists that it is indeed possible to have a career as an artist and earn enough of an income to be able to support themselves and their families.”
– George Lessard, Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, Yellowknife

Art Market Professionals in England
“Sales have been as healthy as before the law came into effect. Clients haven’t indicated that they were unwilling to buy because of the royalty. In fact, there hasn’t really been much discussion of the law.”
– Glenn Scott-Wright, Victoria Moro Gallery, London, England

“We’ve had two very successful seasons,” and the resale royalty law has been “pretty irrelevant,” according to a spokesman for Christie’s.
– Huffington Post, September 2012

Government of Nunavut
“Inuit artists have brought their vision of the world to an international audience, and built an economic sector that creates jobs and contributes tens of millions of dollars every year to Nunavut’s economy. Today, we add our voice to support Artist’s Resale Rights and encourage Canada to address this critical piece of legislation.”
– Peter Taptuna, Minister of Economic Development & Transportation

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