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The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez was appointed as Minister of Heritage and Multiculturalism in July 2018. We have work to do bringing him up to speed about the Artist’s Resale Right and we need your help. Put this important issue on his radar by sending him an email.

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Minister Rodriguez,

As a member of the visual arts community, I would like to welcome you to your new position as Minister of Canadian Heritage and ask you to support bringing the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada.

The Artist's Resale Right would give artists 5% when their work is resold. This is important because the full value of an artwork often isn’t realized on the initial sale. It is common for visual art to appreciate in value over time, as the reputation of the artist grows. For example, Inuit artist, Kenojuak Ashevak, sold her piece Enchanted Owl in 1960 for $24. It was later resold for $58,650. Ashevak got nothing from the resale.

Once established in Canada, artists would be able to benefit from reciprocal arrangements with the 93 other countries where the Artist Resale Right exists. Canada’s European partners specifically requested that Canada adopt the Artists’ Resale Right during negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

Canada’s Aboriginal artists in particular are losing out on the tremendous profits being made on their work in the secondary market. A recent piece from the Economist called on government to do more to help the development of art in Nunavut by implementing the Artist’s Resale Right:

Support is building in Parliament across parties for the Artist’s Resale Right with the introduction of Motion 445 and Bill C-516. For details about how the Artist’s Resale Right would work and frequently asked questions, visit:

Thank you,

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