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Curatorial Fee Consultation

Has the Curator Been Paid?
Establishing labour standards for self-employed curators

Over the past ten years, Artist and Independent Curator, Clayton Windatt has been periodically exploring curatorial fee structures attempting to understand how any system can be established or how to provide better support for independent curators. As the previous Executive Director of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective – Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ACC-CCA), these discussions have manifested through ACC-CCA actions and group discussions within the National Arts Service Organization community, which CARFAC been a central contributor.

CARFAC and RAAV have been involved in several fee consultation projects since 2016, and recently reviving these discussions opened new conversations about performance fees, curatorial fees, and the expansion of the existing fee schedule to better understand areas of need. This led us to working with Clayton to conduct research into factors considering Independent Curators as self-employed contractors setting their own rates of pay and a report on this project is now available. When any publicly agreed upon structures are established by curators, CARFAC-RAAV will refer to these guidelines, and in the meantime, we will continue to support research and help guide processes sharing updates as they become available.