2016 AGM Wrap Up

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Melissa PanelCARFAC’s 2016 AGM and Draw More Income Panel discussion was awesome!

On June 4th, in Montreal, CARFAC and RAAV (Regroupement des artists en arts visual) members gathered along with members of the creative community to participate in a productive conversation about artists’ rights and economic wellbeing. Our panel of remarkable artists came from all across the country and generously shared their work and experience with a crowd of over one hundred people.

Theresie Tungilik came from Nunavut and spoke in detail about the ways Inuit and Northern artists are working in traditional and contemporary mediums. She spoke to the myriad successes and challenges that are particular to artists in the north and gave us insight into how CARFAC can work to support artists’ rights to members of her community.

Moridja Kitenge Banza lives in Montreal and shared images of his remarkable practice with us. He showed us slides of his work which draws from cartography as well as “chiromancie” (palmistry). He spoke to the fact that he has needed to become a business person and that all artists are business people. He said that he has access to three art markets as a French speaking, African, Canadian resident and that he creates work specifically to be sold on those three markets.

Melissa Mongiat is a Montreal based artist, who works internationally and through a collective called Daily tous les Jour. Her work is site specific and uses digital technologies. She gave us the insiders history of her most sought after art piece, Musical Swings. She described the challenges and joys of creating innovative installation work that interacts with communities.

Collin Zipp joined us from Winnipeg and described his cheeky body of work through slides and storytelling. He also spoke to the nascent, yet burgeoning art world of Winnipeg, where there are few commercial galleries. He shared with us that in order to make a living as an artist he has had to do many kinds of things from teaching to installation as well as creating art pieces.

After the panel discussion, participants heard presentations regarding the Artists’ Resale Right (Droit de Suite), the updated news about Copyright Visual Art (formerly CARCC) and our work to harmonize the CARFAC fee schedule with the IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance) fee schedule. All of these presentations gave our members much needed insight into the ongoing work that CARFAC is doing on their behalf. More information about all of these dossiers is available to our members on our website or by calling our offices.

It was a wonderful gathering of intelligent and motivated artists! Our partner RAAV, did a marvelous job of hosting us while we engaged in the important discussion of what will drive CARFAC into the future. Thank you to all who came out!

For those of you who missed being in Montreal in person a video recording of the Draw More Income panel and presentations will be available soon on our website.

Important Announcement from CARCC

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FROM CARCC to Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels

(French follows)
Canadian Artist Representation Copyright Collective – CARCC — was established in 1990 by CARFAC. It was founded to put into practice the principles concerning artists’ copyrights – preparing the written agreements (licenses) and the payment of appropriate royalties for the use of their art works. CARCC members – better known as affiliates – are part of a copyright collective, and affiliation means that the artist gives a mandate to CARCC for the purpose of administering their Copyright, also known as AUTHOR’S RIGHTS.

Last December, our longtime friend and colleague Janice Seline retired from CARCC. Since then, we’ve been going through a transitional period, transferring CARCC’s administrative duties between our partner in Quebec, RAAV, and our CARFAC National office in Ottawa.

Copyright Laws are not static. Following the introduction of the Copyright Modernization Act, and despite all efforts from artistic and cultural players, nothing could prevent the partial destruction of the protection of Copyright in Canada. The act to “modernize” copyright came into force in 2012 and in the following year, university and school networks – who had campaigned for its adoption – began to rely on the education exceptions to free themselves off of the obligation to pay royalties to Access Copyright. This had the direct effect of dramatically reducing CARCC’s income, threatening its very existence.

As artists do when confronted with a difficult situation, CARFAC and RAAV took advantage of this challenge and decided to dramatically renew their copyright collective society, turning it into Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels.

A new name and a new vision
While keeping its corporate name, CARCC will be operating under the name Copyright Visual Arts – and “en français” : Droits d’auteur Arts visuels. Under this new appellation we will be serving artists in both languages from sea to sea.

Copyright Visual Arts has also become a copyright collective society administered by a board of directors delegated by CARFAC and RAAV. The two largest associations of visual artists are now working together to ensure the provision of professional copyright administration services by their society: Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels
Here are its new mission and vision statements:

Copyright Visual Arts is a non profit organization providing Copyright administration for professional Canadian and Québécois visual and media artists through comprehensive access to artworks licensing and professional services.

Copyright Visual Arts responds to a shifting Art economy in the digital age by providing effective tools developed with CARFAC and RAAV to enable visual and media artists to achieve sustainable careers.
Copyright Visual Arts will facilitate broad access to the finest works by Canadian and Québecois artists through simple and effective online licensing.

Administering Authors’ Rights for the benefit of Artists
As you may know, even after the original work is sold, the copyrights remain with the artist unless specifically assigned. Assigned or not, a work may generate income through use in exhibition, reproduction, digital reproduction, in film and so on. Copyright Visual Arts helps artists to protect their copyright and benefit from it. Any time an affiliate’s works are used, Copyright Visual Arts issues a license to the party using it. The license is a written “permission to use” in order to hold an exhibition, make a reproduction, etc. The license specifies the royalties to be paid for each way in which the work will be used, which are based on the CARFAC-RAAV minimum fees schedule. Once it has received payment from the users Copyright Visual Arts remits the money to the artists.

“Fee”, a word often misused

Speaking of “fees”, it is important to understand that when we speak of “exhibition fees” or “artist’s fees” we are speaking in reality of “exhibition royalties” because the Exhibition Right is included in the Copyright Act. Most artists and users understand that a reproduction fee is a copyright royalty but many think that the exhibition fee or artist’s fee is not. Because they also cover such payments as per diem, transportation, equipment rental, etc., these non-royalties payment are then deemed to be included in the exhibition royalty paid to the artist which is not right. Additional payments made to the artist for the exhibition of their work can be added to the Exhibition copyright fee but are not included.

That is also why Copyright Visual Arts deals with the Exhibition Right. In the future, we as artists in the visual and media arts sectors, should start using the term “exhibition royalties” and our fee schedule should be called the “CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Copyright Fees Schedule”.
Daily administration

We know that this transition has caused some delays in communication, which we sincerely apologize for hoping that you understand that it takes some time to reorganize Copyright Visual Arts’ services.
The daily administration of Copyright Visual Arts is now divided between two locations. Renuka Bauri, Membership Coordinator for CARFAC National, and Samar El-Chemali from RAAV have been working closely with RAAV’s Executive Director, Christian Bédard, so that we can ensure that all our affiliates are receiving the full benefits of their membership with us. Renuka is interacting with affiliates and the users to prepare the licenses, while Samar is handling invoicing and accounting. A Coordinator overviews the administration and ensures proper relations between the society and its members, CARFAC and RAAV.
CARFAC, RAAV and Copyright Visual Arts exist for the promotion and respect of artists’ rights because paying artists for the use of their works is the best way to improve their socioeconomic conditions.
Together, we will promote Copyright Visual Arts’ services in order to interest more artists to benefit from its services.

New exciting developments are on the way for Copyright Visual Arts. We will keep you posted. Long live Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels

Paddy Lamb and Deborah Carruthers
Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels

For information or affiliation: Christian Bédard, Coordinator : carcc@raav.org

CARFAC/ RAAV Launch New Copyright Fee Calculator!

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CARFAC and RAAV are pleased to offer you an… Online Copyright Fee Calculator

To quickly know the amount of copyright royalties to pay for various types of use of works in the visual arts, you now have free access to an automatic calculator that has just been put online by CARFAC and RAAV. No need to peruse the complete fee schedule, just a few clicks to describe your project and presto! The recommended amount will appear in the next second.

A collaboration between CARFAC, RAAV and CARFAC Ontario, the calculator is designed to become an essential tool in preparing a budget for an exhibition, the publication of a catalog or any other type of use of works in visual and media arts. Without replacing the CARFAC-RAAV Fee Schedule, which remains the reference tool, the calculator will allow image users to accelerate their planning and artists to have an idea of how much to ask for different types of use of their works.

What the calculator is
The calculator first asks you what kind of project you have in mind: exhibition, reproduction, advertising and professional services. Then it asks you to detail your project through a series of questions. To get a result you have to answer each question.

For example, you first want to know what royalty to pay for an exhibition. Then, you wish to reproduce a work on an invitation card, a poster and to put it on the home page of your website. The copyright fee calculator will indicate three uses that amount to $25 each if the Exhibition royalty is paid to the artist. For additional uses you simply answer the questions on the calculator. The addition of the amounts displayed by the calculator will give the total amount payable to the artist.

What the calculator is not
The calculator is a condensed CARFAC-RAAV Fee Schedule, therefore it does not contain all the detailed information. For interpretation of the Fee Schedule, or if you have any doubt about the result displayed by the calculator you need to consult the complete schedule.

What the calculator will be in the future
This is a first prototype of the calculator and it will evolve in the near future. It will then be connected to an automated unit designed for online licenses granting that will be accessed from the new transactional website of our copyright administration society: CARCC – Copyright Visual Arts. The launch of this new website is planned for the Summer of 2017. The development of this new transactional website is made possible by the financial support of Heritage Canada.

In conclusion, the fee calculator is still a perfectible tool and your feedback will be used to improve its functioning. Our goal is to facilitate and to simplify the administration of authors’ rights for both the artists and the users of their works.

To use the calculator : http://www.carfac.ca/carfac-raav/fee-calculator.php

To comment on your experience using the calculator or to report a glitch: carcc@raav.org

Your CARFAC Team

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