People think artists’ fees just happened but, no, in fact CARFAC fought for them. – artist Karl Beveridge

From copyright to funding, censorship to artists’ fees, CARFAC is active on many issues of interest to visual and media artists.

The following pages offer information on various issues and how to make your voice heard.

The Artist’s Resale Right

Many people profit when an artwork is resold – but not the artist. The Artist’s Resale Right would allow visual artists to receive 5% when their work is resold – just as they do in at least 69 other countries. The full value of an artwork often isn’t seen on the first sale. It is common for visual art to increase in value over time, as the reputation of the artist grows. Learn More

Negotiations with the National Gallery of Canada

We have reached an historic agreement on terms and conditions for the exhibition and the reproduction of works of art, as well as the provision of professional services by living Canadian artists at the National Gallery of Canada. Learn more

Best Practices for Canadian Visual Art

Best practice guidelines outline for artists and the people they work with the best ways to establish professional relationships that are beneficial for everyone, regardless of the context. Learn More

The Senior Artists Research Project

The Senior Artists Research Project (SARP) is a group of artists’ associations with an interest in improving support for senior Canadian artists.

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