Who can join?

proud artist-250CARFAC – Artists working for Artists

The International Artists Association defines a “professional artist” as one who:

    • earns a living through art making;
    • or possesses a diploma in an area considered to be within the domain of the fine arts;
    • or teaches art in a school of art or applied art;
    • or whose work is often seen by the public or is frequently or regularly exhibited;
    • or is recognized as an artist by consensus of opinion among professional artists.

If you are a practicing visual artist and fit the IAA definition, why not benefit from the work of artists involved in CARFAC? Join us and get involved!

CARFAC has two different membership categories in which people can join:

Professional artists become regular voting members within the organization and are able to vote at the annual CARFAC National AGM, as well as their regional affiliate. A professional artist can also join as a Sustaining Member:a regular voting membership which includes an additional financial donation, the amount of which is set by the regional affiliate. Couples can also join together under the Voting category, and receive a discount on their membership.

Non-professional artists can join as an associate but do not vote. These members fall under the categories of student associate, individual associate (individuals with an interest in the visual arts), and institutional associates (museums and art galleries, educational institutions, and other institutions with an interest in the visual arts).

Has the artist been paid? Mais avez-vous payé l'artiste?