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12 Actions to Improve the Socio-economic Conditions of Visual Artists


  1. Increase revenues originating from the professional practice of visual arts;
  2. Develop a social security net for professional Visual Artists.


  1. Inclusion of the Resale Right in the Copyright Act.
  2. Establishment of an Exhibition Right Fund, similar to the Public Lending Right Fund.
  3. Adoption and implementation by the Government of Canada of a Policy for the integration of artworks in the architecture of public buildings (1% Policy), inspired by the Quebec experience.
  4. Improvement of the financial and contractual conditions offered to Canadian and Québécois artists for the public presentation of their works.
  5. Creation of a social security net for visual artists (collective insurances and retirement fund) based on contributions by artists, presenters, private enterprises and patrons of the arts.
  6. Establishment and implementation of fiscal measures to promote the acquisitions of works by professional Canadian and Québécois Artists by individuals and private enterprises.
  7. Creation of Regional Contemporary Art Funds dedicated to the acquisition by local and regional museums of works by professional Canadian and Québécois Artists based on contributions by the different levels of government, private enterprises and art patrons, inspired by the model in France.
  8. National promotional campaign to present professional Canadian and Québécois Artists and to develop in the public a better understanding of the new artistic movements.
  9. Establishment for Artists of a federal tax credit for the first $15,000 of copyright and/or net sales of visual art works.
  10. Invite banks and credit unions to give loans at advantageous rates and conditions for the purchase of artworks by professional Visual Artists from Canada and Quebec.
  11. Net increase by the Canada Council for the Arts of the sums dedicated to the visual arts sector for creation, research, development, production, presentation and acquisitions.
  12. Obtain the abolition of the federal income tax on Artist’s awards and bursaries.