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National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery needs a home where this important collection can be accessible to the public. It is disappointing that the project has been further delayed by a bidding process between cities.

CARFAC finds it inappropriate and unnecessary for the federal government to transfer responsibility of a national institution to cities. If the government is unwilling to take responsibility now, will they ensure that the Portrait Gallery is properly funded once it is built or will it be left to deteriorate like so many national and regional galleries? There must be a long-term funding and policy commitment made by the federal government to the National Portrait Gallery.

Even CARFAC’s regional affiliates agree that the most appropriate location for a National Portrait Gallery is in the Nation’s Capital and that the best way to make the collection accessible outside Ottawa is through a robust touring program.

“The Nation’s Capital is where a National Portrait Gallery belongs.” Allison Argy Burgess, Visual Arts Alberta.

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