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Bill C-10 threatens Canadian film and video

CARFAC is concerned that changes in Bill C-10 to tax law could be used to censor Canadian film and video. This would set a dangerous precedent for arts funding by threatening the arms-length relationship between government and funding agencies which exists to protect artists from censorship.

Bill C-10 proposes to change the criteria under which films and videos are made eligible for tax credits. The Heritage Minister would be able to disqualify films where public financial support of the production is “contrary to public policy”. The criteria the Minister would use to make this judgment are not defined in the bill.

Tax credits are an important source of financing for Canadian film and video – many projects could not survive without them. Concern has been raised that films made ineligible for tax credits could also be made retroactively ineligible for funding from agencies like Telefilm.

The Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce is currently reviewing Bill C 10, and public hearings will be held.

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