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Senior Artists’ Research Project

An influential group of Canadian arts organizations is looking for ways to do more to support Canada’s senior artists (that is, artists in all disciplines who are 65 and over).

We invite artists 60 and over to participate in a survey and “town hall” discussions about their needs and interests in areas such as artistic activity, health care, housing, retirement, financial issues, community connections and social networks.

The online survey of the situation and needs of senior artists is available here. A pdf version of the survey (if preferred to the online survey) is also available. Pre-printed copies of the survey are available on request.

The dates and locations of the in-person meetings are listed below. Please check the webpage for updates regarding locations that are listed as “to be determined”.

If you are an artist and 60 or over, please participate in this action-oriented research project about artists in all disciplines!

Town hall dates and locations

Halifax: September 16, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Program Room), 7 to 9 PM
Charlottetown: September 18, Confederation Centre (Studio 2), 9 to 11 AM
Calgary: September 28, the Kahanoff Centre, 7 to 9 PM
Edmonton: September 29, Catalyst Theatre, 7 to 9 PM
Saskatoon: October 1, Mendel Art Gallery, 7 to 9 PM
Regina: October 2, MacKenzie Art Gallery, 2 to 4 PM
Vancouver: October 5, Scotiabank Dance Centre, Faris Family Studio, 7 to 9 PM
Vancouver: October 6, Performing Arts Lodge Vancouver, 2 to 4 pm
Victoria: October 8, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 9 to 11 AM
Winnipeg: October 21, The Rachel Browne Theatre, 7 to 9 PM
Thunder Bay: October 23, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, 9 to 11 AM
Montreal: November 4, ACTRA Montreal, #530 -1450 City Councillors St., 2 to 4 PM
Ottawa: November 5, Council for the Arts in Ottawa, Arts Court, 3 to 5 PM
Toronto: November 9, Performing Arts Lodge, 7 to 9 PM
Toronto: November 16, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, 2 to 4 PM
Hamilton: November 19, Arts Hamilton, 2 to 4 PM