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Copyright reform update

hearing-picThe new copyright bill, Bill C-11, was tabled Thursday September 29th. It has not significantly changed from Bill C-32 which died when the last election was called. Bill C-11 contains:

  • New rights for photographers, print makers and portrait artists who take commissions
  • A new exception for parody
  • A new exception for educational purposes
  • Many other changes for copyright collectives, statutory damages, use for private purposes, digital locks, etc.

Bill C-11 does not include the Artist’s Resale Right but CARFAC has been told there will be an opportunity to make changes at the committee stage. In the past year, CARFAC has met with 25 government MPs including three cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister’s Office. The reaction has been positive – the government is interested in the Artist’s Resale Right – but we are one of hundreds of stakeholders who are asking for amendments. It is important for members of Parliament to hear from constituents in their ridings.

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