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Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective

Through its licensing services, CARCC can help an artist to protect copyright and to benefit from it. Collective administration of copyright means that there is strength in numbers.

Some of the copyrights administered by CARCC are Exhibition, Reproduction, Reprography, and Telecommunication.

Briefly, the Exhibition right, as described in the Copyright Act, is the right to present at a public exhibition, for a purpose other than sale or hire, except for a map, chart, plan, or cinematographic reproduction that is protected as a photograph.

The Reproduction right is the right to reproduce a work, or any substantial part thereof, in any material form.

The Reprography right is the right to make visually perceivable facsimile copies of previously published works, including photocopying, duplicating from stencil, microform, transcription, drawing for an overhead or slide projection.

The Telecommunication right is the right to use a work on radio or television and the right to the transmission of the work via cable, satellite, and telephone wires. This right includes the right to the retransmission of the same work.

Moral rights include the right of paternity, which is the artist’s right to be credited or to remain anonymous; the right of integrity, which protects an artist’s work from distortion, mutilation; or alteration; the right of association, which protects an artist from association with unapproved causes. Moral rights cannot be assigned, but an artist can waive them.

CARCC stands for Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc. Affiliation with CARCC is separate from membership in CARFAC – one may be a CARCC Affiliate without being a member of CARFAC and vice versa.

For more information, visit CARCC’s website.