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Artist Fee Survey for Canadian Visual Artists

Artists: Have you been paid? Share your experience with us!

Artist fees are central to CARFAC’s mandate. CARFAC fees provide a general guideline of what the minimum payments to artists should be, which the individual artist or their collective may follow, or negotiate above. CARFAC has made recommendations on the payment of fees for copyright and professional services for visual and media artists since 1968, and our fees are negotiated and updated regularly. All fees are voted on by our members on a yearly basis.

Our fee schedule includes recommendations on Exhibition Fees, Reproduction Fees, and Professional Services fees. We are looking for feedback from artists about what your experience has been like in getting paid different types of fees. Please take the time to fill in our survey.

Thank you for your interest. The survey is now closed.

We are an association of artists, and when you share your experiences with us, we are in a better position to represent all Canadian visual artists, and to negotiate fees with more confidence and authority. We encourage you to complete the survey, and to forward it to other professional artists.

Please note – your answers will be treated confidentially. Individual data and comments will not be shared with any other individuals or organizations and will not be released publicly. You may provide your name and contact information, but are not required to provide it to participate in this survey.

The survey should take between ten and twenty minutes to complete.