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2015 Election – Get Involved!

As you know, there is a federal election coming up on Monday, October 19th. This is an opportunity to educate candidates (one of which will be your MP) on issues relevant to visual artists and participate in the selection of Canada’s government.

Voting ID Rules

The rules for voter identification have changed since the last election. Check to make sure you have the right ID on the Elections Canada website.

The rules are stricter for proving your address as well – make sure you have everything you need in advance. You can also see if you are registered at the right address using a helpful tool on the Elections Canada website. Being registered in advance will make things easier at the polls.

Support the Artist’s Resale Right

With all the excitement around our Supreme Court win and the agreement with the National Gallery of Canada, you may be wondering what’s happened to our campaign on the Artist’s Resale Right.

We haven’t forgotten about it and are planning to make a big push after the election to make sure artists share in the profits when their work is resold.

Help us lay the groundwork by letting the candidates in your riding know the Artist’s Resale Right is important to you.

Here are a couple things you can do:

Email your candidates

It’s easy with our handy web form.

Send an Email

Ask a question at your local debate

At a local candidates’ debate, you can hit all your candidates at the same time, show public support for the Artist’s Resale Right and encourage the parties to seriously consider CARFAC’s proposal. Let us know if you are planning to ask a question and we’ll send your candidates information so they can inform themselves in advance.

To date, some MPs from all parties have expressed support for the Artist’s Resale Right. Please phrase your question in a non-partisan tone to help build support regardless of who wins.

Ask a question at your door

If you candidates come to your door, that is also a good opportunity to ask if they support the Artist’s Resale Right. Let us know what they say.

Learn more about the Artist’s Resale Right

Follow #artsvote

The Canadian Arts Coalition has developed a toolkit to help you follow what’s happening with the arts this election. Tips for issues to bring up with candidates, arts facts, and social media tools will help you get in on the action!