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Visual artists miss out on record breaking sales at fall auctions

Three auctions held in the last two weeks have resulted in just over one million dollars in sales of artwork by thirty-five living Canadian artists. Many people profited from these sales – except the artists.

If Canada had the Artist’s Resale Right, the artists would have received a combined total of $51,258.

Previous auction records were broken for several artists including Toronto’s Kim Dorland whose piece Swimming in the Lake, sold for $25,960 at Waddington’s on Monday. If Canada had an Artist’s Resale Right of 5%, Dorland would have received $1,298 from the sale.

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CARFAC and RAAV are relaunching our campaign to bring the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada. Already law in at least 93 countries, the Artist’s Resale Right would allow visual artists to receive 5% when their work is resold.

Saskatchewan artist, Joe Fafard also had work in the auctions. His piece Diego, sold for $38,350 at Heffel auction house last night. If Canada had the Artist’s Resale Right, he would have received $1917.

“I am in full support of the modest proposal that artists have resale rights,” said Fafard. “Sharing such a windfall with the artist who is largely responsible for this happy event with a modest 5% return to the artist seems less than generous to me, but let’s start there.”

The impact for artists across Canada

Three pieces by British Columbia artist, Takao Tanabe sold including Goletas Channel 2/87 Near Duval Point which sold for $41,300. If Canada had the Artist’s Resale Right, he would have received $2891.

The piece Corner Market by Saskatchewan artist David Thauberger, sold for $11,210 at Waddingtons. He would have received $560.

The work Red Rough by Winnipeg artist, Ivan Eyre, was sold for $354,000, shattering the estimated price. He would have received $17,700.

Four works by Montreal artist John Geoffrey Caruthers Little were resold including Rue Fabrique which was sold for $30,680. He would have received $3805 for the four resales.

The piece The Florentine by Newfoundland artist Mary Pratt sold for $59,000. She would have received $2950 for the sale.

Four works by another Newfoundland artist, Christopher Pratt were resold including In the Heat of Summer which sold for $129,800. He would have received $7670 for the four sales.

The piece Family by Nunavut artist Miriam Nanurluk Qiyuk sold for $20,060 at Walker’s auction in Ottawa last Wednesday. She would have received $1003.

Help Bring the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada

You can help!

More than 230 artists and supporters have emailed their MPs in the last three days! Sending an email to your MP helps to raise awareness on Parliament Hill and show public support. It only takes a minute with our easy web form.

The new government has been vocal about their support for the arts and we are hopeful they will see the importance of this initiative.

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Photo: © Oxford