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CARFAC/ RAAV Launch New Copyright Fee Calculator!

CARFAC and RAAV are pleased to offer you an… Online Copyright Fee Calculator

To quickly know the amount of copyright royalties to pay for various types of use of works in the visual arts, you now have free access to an automatic calculator that has just been put online by CARFAC and RAAV. No need to peruse the complete fee schedule, just a few clicks to describe your project and presto! The recommended amount will appear in the next second.

A collaboration between CARFAC, RAAV and CARFAC Ontario, the calculator is designed to become an essential tool in preparing a budget for an exhibition, the publication of a catalog or any other type of use of works in visual and media arts. Without replacing the CARFAC-RAAV Fee Schedule, which remains the reference tool, the calculator will allow image users to accelerate their planning and artists to have an idea of how much to ask for different types of use of their works.

What the calculator is
The calculator first asks you what kind of project you have in mind: exhibition, reproduction, advertising and professional services. Then it asks you to detail your project through a series of questions. To get a result you have to answer each question.

For example, you first want to know what royalty to pay for an exhibition. Then, you wish to reproduce a work on an invitation card, a poster and to put it on the home page of your website. The copyright fee calculator will indicate three uses that amount to $25 each if the Exhibition royalty is paid to the artist. For additional uses you simply answer the questions on the calculator. The addition of the amounts displayed by the calculator will give the total amount payable to the artist.

What the calculator is not
The calculator is a condensed CARFAC-RAAV Fee Schedule, therefore it does not contain all the detailed information. For interpretation of the Fee Schedule, or if you have any doubt about the result displayed by the calculator you need to consult the complete schedule.

What the calculator will be in the future
This is a first prototype of the calculator and it will evolve in the near future. It will then be connected to an automated unit designed for online licenses granting that will be accessed from the new transactional website of our copyright administration society: CARCC – Copyright Visual Arts. The launch of this new website is planned for the Summer of 2017. The development of this new transactional website is made possible by the financial support of Heritage Canada.

In conclusion, the fee calculator is still a perfectible tool and your feedback will be used to improve its functioning. Our goal is to facilitate and to simplify the administration of authors’ rights for both the artists and the users of their works.

February 2, 2020:

Please note that the calculator has been removed until further notice. CARFAC has a new website for our Fee Schedule which does not include the calculator tool. Copyright Visual Arts, however, will incorporate a fee calculator in its image bank and licensing system shortly.