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CARFAC Supports LGBTT2Q Community in Campaign Against Jordan Peterson at the National Gallery of Canada


OTTAWA- March 9 2017- Trans, two spirit, intersex and gender diverse folk, and LGBTT2Q advocates across Canada have asked that the National Gallery of Canada cancel an upcoming public speaking engagement featuring Prof. Jordan Peterson. Queer, trans, two spirit, intersex and gender diverse folk and allies regard Peterson’s consistent, public invalidation of trans identities as transphobic. Following their lead, Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC National) is now urging the National Gallery of Canada, to reconsider their position and to revoke Prof. Peterson’s invitation to speak at the gallery on Thursday March 9th.

CARFAC National is the voice for visual artists in Canada and the official bargaining unit for artists working at the National Gallery of Canada under the Status of the Artist Act. We stand as an advocate for all artists, including LGBTT2Q artists and we believe that artists’ rights and human rights intersect. Inviting Prof. Peterson into our National Public Gallery has the potential to render the gallery an unsafe workplace for our members. While the subject of Mr. Peterson’s talk is not publicized to be on transgender rights, giving him a public platform carries with it his very public views on these issues.

Under these circumstances, to protect the interests of patrons and artists alike, the National Gallery of Canada should listen to these serious concerns and cancel Mr. Peterson’s speaking engagement.

For more information contact:
Darrah Teitel, Director of National Advocacy and Communications