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Webinar Wednesdays

This fall, CARFAC is pleased to present a series of webinars where we share information about timely initiatives, including our long-term projects and campaigns as well as work that is being done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The schedule of presentations will be updated regularly, so keep watching for more details. We hope you can join us!

The webinars will be offered via Zoom, and all sessions will be recorded. The Zoom link will be provided to participants the day before the webinar. Participants are invited to ask questions before and during the session through a Google Form. Otter will be available for those that require speech-to-text transcription.

We will make the recordings available to participants and all CARFAC members after the webinar, as well as a summary of the questions we receive from participants.

Universal Basic Income, September 16 at 2pm Eastern Standard Time

What is Universal Basic Income? Why is it important to artists? How would UBI work in Canada? Join independent artists Adrian Stimson and Craig Berggold, and Sheila Regehr from Basic Income Canada Network for a discussion about how Canadians would benefit from UBI as a social safety net during uncertain times. The discussion will be moderated by artist Sydney Lancaster.

Registration is required

Do you have a question about this issue? Add your questions about the topic in this Google Form. They may be shared anonymously with the moderator during the meeting, and shared in a FAQ document with participants afterwards.