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Imprimo recognized with Prix Innovation from Compétence Culture

CARFAC congratulates Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV), which has been awarded a prize for innovation in the cultural sector in recognition of their work on Imprimo, a new art-management platform for visual artists. The prize was awarded by Compétence Culture as part of their “Je célebre donc je suis” programme and came with $2,000. Additional information about the Prix Innovation and Compétence Culture’s “Je célèbre donc je suis” programme can be found here.

Imprimo is the result of a partnership between CARFAC, Copyright Visual Arts, and RAAV. The platform is built by Prescient Innovations, a subsidiary of Access Copyright, with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts. It is launching in early 2022.

We are very pleased to be developing Imprimo in partnership with organizations that are at the forefront of protecting artists’ copyright,” said artist and CARFAC president Paddy Lamb.

We believe Imprimo is an important development that is designed to deal with many of the challenges faced by artists today. It will benefit workers at all stages of their career seeking to protect their work against infringement, create an exhibition timeline, simplify administrative tasks, and build a stronger presence in the evolving art economy.”

What is Imprimo?

An all-in-one art-management tool that puts artists in control of how their work is presented online, Imprimo has big ambitions to help artists grow their professional presence while maintaining control of how and when their work is used – and ensuring they get paid for it.

When Imprimo launches, artists can expect to create a verified profile; upload, and organize their works; populate a timeline to share the story of their work and keep track of its location; generate certificates of creation with QR codes; and maintain a living CV that updates as information is added elsewhere on their profile.


Imprimo is currently operating in closed beta, but you can join the waitlist for early access.


CARFAC is hosting a webinar to introduce Imprimo and offer a behind-the-scenes tour.

Join us on Wednesday, October 20 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (11:00 am Pacific / 3:30 pm Atlantic). Registration is required. This presentation will be available in English only at this time. A presentation will soon be available in French. Live speech-to-text translation will be provided.