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Canadian Visual Artists disappointed: the long-awaited Artist’s Resale Right is not in Federal 2024 Budget


 For Immediate Release 

RAAV and CARFAC are disappointed to see the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) left out of Canada’s Federal Budget again

OTTAWA, April 18, 2024 – Visual artists from coast to coast to coast have waited a long time for Canada to recognize the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) for Canadian artists.
Together, their representative organizations, Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC) and Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV), represent 5,000 artists across the country. They have expressed their frustration with the Canadian Government, that this important economic right for visual artists was yet again left out of Budget 2024 – which also provided no other support specifically for visual artists.

The Artist’s Resale Right is a royalty that allows artists to share in the wealth they generate in the marketplace. It aligns Canada with over 90 countries around the world that already have ARR legislation. Many of those laws provide for visual artists to receive 5% when their work is resold in the secondary market through an intermediary such as an auction house or commercial gallery. The ARR helps artists benefit from the ongoing commercial success from their art. It will help many senior artists who have worked for years in the industry, and often face financial difficulties later in life. It is also a huge win for Indigenous artists, who have too often been exploited in the secondary art market. 

The ARR provides much deserved financial support and recognition for an artist’s lifetime of contributions to the arts. 

“The lack of  inclusion  of the Artist’s Resale Right in this Budget is an incredible disappointment for the Canadian artist community. It is widely understood how much it would help Canadian visual artists recover from the pandemic and allow them to benefit from a new income stream for years to come” said April Britski, National Executive Director of CARFAC who has been fighting for its inclusion in Canadian law for nearly twenty years. “We will continue to work with the government to fulfill their commitment to bring ARR legislation forward, and to ensure visual artists are better compensated for their work.”

“The adoption of ARR for visual artists in Canada is essential. ” says Camille Cazin, Executive Director of RAAV. “The resale right restores a balance by ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their work when their works are resold at prices higher than the value originally received by the artist and would bring us in line with our international partners. We  urge the government to meet its commitment to implement this right in the immediate future in order to ensure  fairness and recognition of the contribution artists make to Canada’s cultural and economic wealth.”

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