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Arts funding programs under attack

As you may have heard, several arts funding programs have been cancelled in the last seven days. While many in the press have condemned this decision, government leaks have been handled in such a way that indicates they feel it… Read More

Library and Archives Contract

Since October 2007, CARFAC-RAAV have been involved in a productive ongoing discussion with representatives from the Copyright branch of Library and Archives Canada (LAC), concerning a new standard licence for visual artists. You will remember that in the fall of… Read More

Bill C-10 threatens Canadian film and video

CARFAC is concerned that changes in Bill C-10 to tax law could be used to censor Canadian film and video. This would set a dangerous precedent for arts funding by threatening the arms-length relationship between government and funding agencies which… Read More

A US Bill Threatens Canadian Artists’ Rights

Montréal, May 15th 2008 – Artists’ Associations from accross Canada and Quebec are seriously worried about a new bill on the verge of being submitted to the US Congress : ‘’The ORPHAN BILL’’. Lobbies from Hollywood, the Internet industry, associations… Read More

Keep the Portrait Gallery in the Capital

Keep the Portrait Gallery in the Capital Paul Couvrette to take a portrait of Ottawa-Gatineau Residents May 12, 2008, OTTAWA – NDP MP Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) announced today that he will host a public rally to show public support… Read More

CARFAC celebrates 40 years of protecting artists’ rights

Canadian Artists’ Representation / le front des artists canadiens (CARFAC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Celebrations will begin at CARFAC’s Annual General Meeting in Quebec City May 30th and 31st. Additional events will be held across the country by CARFAC’s… Read More

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