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We’re excited to introduce Fee Fridays!

The CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule provides guidelines on what visual and media artists should be paid for their copyright and other professional services. Canadian Copyright laws provide artists with the right to be paid for exhibitions and reproductions, and… Read More

CARFAC-RAAV’s submission for the 2023 Federal Budget Consultation

On October 7th, CARFAC submitted a brief as part of the upcoming Federal Budget 2023 consultations. Our submission was a collaborative effort in partnership with Quebec artist association, RAAV. Our submission included the recommendation that the government amend the Copyright Act to include… Read More

Write to your Member of Parliament about ARR

CARFAC and RAAV have been busy meeting with the Federal Government about the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR), and momentum is growing. Now is the time to write to your MP, asking for their support for ARR in a review of… Read More

Artists welcome news on the Artist’s Resale Right

Canadian visual artists are pleased that the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) is gaining momentum within the Federal Government. Recent news reports indicate that Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry are considering amending… Read More

CARFAC National Annual Report 2022

Over the last year, CARFAC has been working on bringing some substantial advocacy initiatives to fruition. Last September we joined the Canadian Arts Coalition in urging artists to engage with federal election candidates, and the following month we shared an… Read More

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