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Beginning in Montreal with CARFAC’s Annual General Meeting a discussion about the economics of being an artist will be traveling to most provinces in Canada. Our first event begins a broad ranging conversation about income sources and artistic practices. Join us as we fearlessly ask ourselves and our colleagues to discuss how they succeed in making money and what they need to make more money. We invite you to imagine what kind of practice you would have if only you had the money.

Federal Arts Investments At Last!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 22 2016 OTTAWA – CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/ Le Front des Artistes Canadiens) is encouraged to see the federal government make major investments in the Canada Council for the Arts with a promise to double their… Read More

Call for New Board Members

CARFAC National is looking for new board members, to be elected at our AGM. CARFAC Members are asked to put forward names of individuals who would make good board members, to be considered by our Nominating Committee. The submission of… Read More

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