Know your copyrights

Copyright isn’t just for corporations – it also protects you as an artist. As some point someone will probably ask you to sign your rights away so it is important to understand what they are and how to protect them.

The Exhibition Right

Canada is one of the few countries that have incorporated an exhibition right into our Copyright Act. The exhibition right entitles visual artists to receive payment when their work is exhibited in a public exhibition and is not for sale.

The Reproduction Right

When an artist produces a work of art the reproduction of the work can only be authorized by the artist unless permission is given to otherwise do so.

Moral Rights

Moral rights include:

    • The right to protect your artwork against distortion, alteration or mutilation in a way which prejudices your reputation;
    • The right to associate your name as the author of your work or remain anonymous if you choose and
    • The right to protect your visual image from association with a cause, a product, service, or institution to which you are personally opposed.

Moral rights may be waived but they cannot be assigned to someone else.

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