Certificates of Canadian Origin

How the certificates work

These certificates function to identify original works of art of Canadian origin, allowing them to be temporarily exported abroad without GST implications. Approved by Revenue Canada and Customs and Excise, it is valid only when signed by another CARFAC member and signed and sealed by the CARFAC National office.

Please note that these certificates are for the process of returning artwork to Canada. Additional forms are often required to allow artwork to enter a foreign country. You should start this process at least a month in advance to ensure you have everything you need. If you will be paid for any service you provide while outside Canada, you need to apply several months in advance to get the proper visa. An information sheet about taking artwork over the border is available for CARFAC members – contact us for details.

Step 1: Print the certificates. You will need one for each artwork.

Step 2: Fill out the first two sections with information about yourself and your artwork.

Step 3: Have a CARFAC member sign the first part of the third section under “Certification by CARFAC”

Step 4: Mail us your certificates along with payment. Please allow two weeks plus shipping for the certificates to be processed. If you do now allow two weeks, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your certificates before the artwork leaves.

Fees & timeline

Please note that the turnaround time for certificate is 2 weeks, plus shipping Rush requests will be considered on an individual basis and may be subject to higher fees.


Non members: $25.00 for the first certificate and $5.00 each for additional certificates sent at the same time.
CARFAC Members: $10.00 for the first certificate and $1.00 each for any additional certificates sent at the same time.

Mail to:
2 Daly Ave., Suite 250
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2

If you have questions, contact the CARFAC National office.

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Photo: Jimmy Emerson


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